What my clients have to say...

- Gail has been amazingly diligent in finding us a home. When there were no new listings she would circle back to ones we'd been interested in that went pending or fell of the market just to see if something had changed. We traveled all over the countryside and looked and literally countless homes. When we found the one we now own she was instrumental in getting our offer in first and with the right price. We'll be recommending all our friends and family work with Gail.  - JK
- Gail went above and beyond to find us our dream home! We only had a few days and lots of criteria. She pursed our wants until she knew for sure we had found our dream home. Gail is a wonderful perso n and an excellent Realtor. Highly recommend her! - Val
- Gail, had a harder than usual situation with my wife and I, as we were in a time crunch from Bellevue, Wa. In our previous home. We gave Gail a list of wants and needs, all within a school district range, and only a week to find it, and submit winning bid. Gail had to work with timeline, and distance, including representing us in Vancouver, but also, work to find the perfect house on a very slim availability. No homes were available in our price range, school district, or met wants and needs. We were very picky. However, we were about to settle in a home that met most of criteria outside of the school district, when at the 23rd hour, Gail, at no request of ours, and on her own, re-detailed, our search criteria, putting our most important needs first, and eliminated just the right want, just to see what might reveal itself, and ask us if we were interested. SHE NAILED IT. I contribute that to the relationship she built with us, in a short period, her gift of attention to details, and not to mention her patience in truly listening to us and in between the lines. My wife, kids and I were awarded the new home and are extremely thankful and happy. We will use her again should we ever move. I recommend her to every one I know who is in the market. Gail, Thank you also for representing us and our best interest, when we could not be available onsite for all of the buying experiences that go with buying a home. You really stepped up, not only in your availability but, negotiations of all involved. Thank you. Tim K Robeck & Family P.S. Our new home was previously inherited and owned by 5 siblings to make matters more complicated. - T.R.
 -Gail is a very good agent she took extra time to show us houses and went the extra mile to get the home we wanted in a short period of time. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home. She is honest and easy going and very prompt. Is there anything you wish Gail Schweighart did differently? no How did the agent help in finding the right property for you? asking our needs, then finding things that we wanted included in the house we wanted. Then going the extra mile to secure the property after we found the one we wanted. Very good agent. How did the agent help to get a good price for you? submitted a bid then helped us secure it after seller agreed to our terms and theirs.,another offer was trying to get it but Gail helped us beat them to the punch. - James